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17 Cancer Causing Foods You Have to Stop Eating!


Junk food is most hazardous for health and as we all know cancers are mainly caused due to consumption of such deadly food. There are several other foods that are actually carcinogen in nature and specially found in packaged food.

Hence its recommended that by being an educated consumers we identify such health impacting food and pick only one for our grocery list which are good for health.

We have picked up 17 such cancer causing food that you must avoid for health well being.

17 Soda

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Soft drinks stands first among the list because it not only contains soda but also has caramel color added in it. These artificial colors are most hazardous in nature and has 4-MEI chemical in it.Several laboratory tests and medical science have proved that soft drinks does contains carcinogenic 4-MEI along with caramel color

Recommendation – Water is always the best drink for our body .



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